Saturday, 19 May 2018

What to do in Barcelona this week-end ?

Ever tried to ride an electric scooter ? Why not give it a go on your next stay in Barcelona ? Hurry up there are a few spots left - simply go to the experience and choose from all available dates : (electric scooter in Barcelona)

Other activities you may like :

Why not visit Park Guell? If you haven't been there, it's a pretty good idea because the starting point of our ride is right next to it...

Also on airbnb :

Skateboard in Barcelona.

Beach volley in Barcelona.

.. More in Airbnb Experiences (there's a lot)..

Friday, 18 May 2018

Se Loger à Barcelone pour un Mois ( Logement moyen terme )

Salut à tous,

Barcelone, ses visites culturelles, ses restaurants et bars tapas et la plage à quelques minutes en métro...

Je suis heureux de vous présenter ces deux nouvelles opportunités de logement à Barcelone, si vous cherchez à vous loger à Barcelone pour une durée d'un mois ou plus, il vous suffit d'utiliser votre compte Airbnb et de vous connecter aux annonces suivantes :

Grande chambre pour une ou deux personnes en centre ville de Barcelone

Petite chambre pas cher en centre ville de Barcelone

Le type de colocataire recherché pour ces chambres dans un appartement partagé est le suivant :
 - Calme
 - Propre
 - Respectueux
 - Participe aux taches ménagères.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How cool is that ? ( Scrooser )

This electric scooter is called a Scrooser. Also called the Harley Davidson of the electric scooters because of its sitting position. Thumbs Up if you like it !

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Spring in Barcelona

What to do next in Barcelona now that its 40th Marathon just ended ?

No worries, good weather only got started! And things can only get better from here.

There's a lot going on in spring in Barcelona, just check out Time Out information here :

Thursday, 8 March 2018

42 kilometers through Barcelona !

That's about 26 miles through all the best places of Barcelona. Of course, you won't be able to go that far on an electric scooter because the battery won't last that long.

Anyway, that's the distance marathon runners will have to go to to finish the 2018 March 11th  Barcelona Marathon. 

The marathon will start from Plaza Espanya and will pass through Camp Nou, Diagonal, Paseo de Gracia, Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, plaza Sant Jaume, Las Ramblas and Plaza Cataluna.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A good book with novels set in Barcelona.

On the way to Barcelona for a city trip? Here are good ideas of fiction books that will take you into the atmosphere of one of the best cities in Europe to visit.

As soon as I will be done with Aro Sainz de la Maza's book " Le bourreau de Gaudi " (french version - 2014), I will go for Manuel Vázquez MontalbánThe Angst-ridden Executive " (written in 1977)

That book features about twenty novels which capture the reality of Barcelona life and society in the seventies.

"He had a beer on Plaza Real, and pined after the long lost tapas that used to be the speciality of the most crowded bar in the neighbourhood – squid in a spicy black pepper and nutmeg sauce … Carvalho knew these people and their ways. They made him feel alive."

More ideas :

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How do you travel from one monument to another ?

There's a lot to do in Barcelona, from cultural activities to just relaxing in the cafes and the bars. Tha'ts if you're not spending the whole day by the beach of course.

If it is your first time in Barcelona, you may want to try the touristic bus, which is nice but won't be able to take you to the Gothic cathedral (see photo below) as it is in the middle of a pedestrian area.

You can also easily find your way around by tube but when the weather is looking good, which is most of the time in Gaudi's city, then travelling outdoors is definitely your best option. - Ride the city on an electric scooter for almost two hours with airbnb

How do you travel from one monument to another ? 

Unfortunately you can only get a city bike Bicing if you are resident in Barcelona, so you will have to rent a bike or anything else for that matter from a tourist rentals shop or try to book a city tour through airbnb : One way ride from Park Guell to the Rambla in style ! 

Three days in Barcelona :

Here a couple of really good ideas if you are currently organizing a few day in Barcelona. Simply follow the links and see what the city has to offer :

Monday, 12 February 2018

Go for a Ride in Historic Barcelona on an Electric Scooter !

Hello everyone, this is to let you know that you can now book online your spot to ride an electric scooter in the center of Barcelona.

Go here to get started :

Are you ready to rock ? 

Ready to discover one of the most interesting city in Europe ? Then choose : Morning or end of afternoon.

The ride lasts one hour and a half, sometimes a little more. The whole thing is pretty easy, at least less exhausting than walking around for miles.

You've got to try it, it's the perfect activity except when it's raining. But then again, that is pretty rare in Barcelona.

What's on the menu ?

A lot of fun hopefully, and views of the Vicens house, the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi, the (spanish) Arch of Triumph, a couple of other places you will like and the marina (see photo above).

For more information, please refer to the airbnb listing.

See you soon in Barcelona !

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Trottinette électrique à Barcelone ( expérience Airbnb )

Prêt pour découvrir Barcelone et envie d'essayer une de ces nouvelles trottinettes motorisées super légère ?

Sur Airbnb on peut réserver des activités en plus de réserver un logement. Ce nouveau service s'appelle Airbnb Experiences. C'est super populaire dans les villes ou c'est disponible.

Pour faire un tour dans Barcelone en trottinette électrique il suffit d'utiliser votre compte airbnb et réserver içi :

Une activité facile car il vous suffit de vous laisser porter par votre engin à la vitesse des piétons..

Note importante sur les critères de participation : 
Tout le monde peut le faire, les mineurs à partir de douze ans sont aussi acceptés sous la responsabilité du ou des parents.

Lieux visités :
La visite passe par le centre-ville : Maison Vicens, Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomphe (en photo) , Place Catalogne, Cathédrale Gothique et Rambla.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

They thought he was a beggar and left him there for nearly two days.

When Gaudi went for his weekly confession on June 7th 1926, he got accidentally hit by a tram and fell to the floor.

As a young man, Antoni Gaudi was very well kept. He used to wear nice jackets and boasted blue eyes and blonde hair, which he probably got from his french grand-grand-grand parents, whom are thought to be named the "Gaudin" family.

It seems that Gaudi didn't take care much about his appearance as an old man, that's why nobody recognized him on the day of that accident.

They thought he was a beggar and left him there for nearly two days. When he got taken to the hospital, he did not have any ID on him and when someone finally got it, his health had deteriorated too much for him to be saved.

Gaudi was very religious. He had been working for 43 years on the Sagrada Familia at the time of his death. Construction of the "cathedral of the poor" is still ongoing. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there yet !