Thursday, 28 December 2017

Discover Barcelona without efforts

Today, I'm inviting you to discover Barcelona the easy way, with an electric scooter.
It's very simple to use, you can simply use it by pushing with your foot or use a little bit of electric assistance.

Use the right hand to accelerate and it goes easily at 10 kilometers per hour or even more depending on how hard you push the button.
Use the left hand to slow down.

It may be best to train a little on a flat terrain without too much people around, then it's time to discover the city of Barcelona : La Sagrada Familia, Place Catalunya, La Rambla etc.. All these places are only a few minutes from each other. Barceloneta beach is around the Marina and the whole area is so easy and safe to ride that you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Discover Barcelona the Easy Way

After a couple of months looking for the best possible way to go around Barcelona, I decided to go for the electric scooter. It's easy to drive on the curve at walking speed, simply blending in the crowd.

I really like that I can get in shops simply holding the scooter and walking next to it or park it next to my table when I stop for a coffee or a beer.

But what I like the best is to get on the bike lane and just go with the flow at 20 kilometers per hour, probably the easiest way to go from one "barrio" to another.